Northern California Coast at Night

Thu 05 July 2018

I used some new brushes in this one: a detail round, a small filbert, and a new blender. Lots of new strokes in this one.

The dark patch in the sky below the moon has a fun explanation. I rested my pinkie on the canvas while highlighting the moon, and that left a fingerprint in the sky. I forgot to blend that out, and only remembered hours later when I was finished and had already cleaned my brushes. The painting was already beginning to dry by then. So I mixed up some more sky color and blended it into the already dry paint.

Or maybe that's a gap in the clouds I put there on purpose. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Click it for higher resolution.

Painting of a rocky, Northern California Coast, with evergreen tree, at night.

And this animation shows how the painting came together. Notice how the colors are different in each frame; I have no idea how to properly photograph a dark painting. None of the photographs actually look like the painting, you'll just have to see it in person to know what it really looks like.

An animated series of pictures taken as the picture was painted.