GitHub Drinkup - Atlanta 5/9/2012

Thu 10 May 2012

GitHub hosted a drinkup in midtown last night and it was pretty great. Here's the executive summary:

  • Ruby seemed like the most popular language among attendees. The combined forces of the Atlanta Ruby Users Group (who had a meeting a couple blocks down the street just prior to the drinkup) and Highgroove contributed a lot to that. Objective-C, Java and Python were also represented. There was also a designer who uses git to keep track of graphics.
  • Interviewing practices were a common topic of conversation. What I drew from the discussion was that the most important part of a developer interview is determining how well the candidate would fit in culturally. Confirming competence through pair programming is also good. Interview questions involving technical minutiae (eg asking about pointer arithmetic for a job that doesn't use C) and tedious take-home quizes are bad.
  • A significant portion of GitHub's booze allotment was left over (allegedly).It wasn't for lack of trying though, and I think having the event on a Wednesday probably didn't help turnout.
  • Atlanta GitHubers are a pretty homogeneous group. Twenty something, white, male, beer loving, bicycle aficionados is how a demographer would describe us.